Falcon F1

Falcon F1

The easy to use F1 provides Falcon technology at an entry-level price. Sidestep active interference with new V2 Dual-Power capability and reduce overhead with rechargeable lithium-ion transmitter batteries. The F1 has everything you need to take on simple everyday jobs with ease.

Increased depth and data Range

100/125 ft (30/38m)combined with more frequencies to get more jobs done.

​Quick Scan Pair

With just two clicks, it’s now easier to scan, pick and pair your locator to custom frequencies.

​Dual Power Mode Transmitters

Two easily selectable power modes for deeper bores, longer battery life and faster data rates.

Falcon Technology

Scans over 60 frequencies to customize your locator for your job site

Remote Displays

Use with Falcon Compact Display or with Aurora Remote display for access to Target steering.

Easy to Upgrade

With the DigiTrak Falcon F1 you can upgrade to Falcon F2+ at any time, and it’s quick, easy, and affordable.


The New Falcon F1

Double The Depth Range, Without An Increase In Price


F1 Videos

Instructions, training, calibration, and more.


Spec Sheet

DigiTrak F1 Specs and Information

Generous Trade-In Discounts Available

Contact your local DCI Dealer for more information.

DigiTrak Falcon™ F1® System Pricing

Remote Displays
Finance OptionEquipment Cost - $8,950
* “The prices shown are the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP) in the United States. Prices may vary by country. Please contact your local DCI authorized dealer for more information.”
$169/mo.*Over 60 months
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