Your LWD data anywhere, anytime

DigiTrak LWD Mobile is a software application for iOS, Android mobile devices, and Windows PCs that manages bore data from your Falcon F5 receiver.

•Bore data immediately available on your mobile devices and in the cloud

•Chart your bore profile and see the detailed data collected for each rod

•Easily edit bore profile data or add any crossed utilities in the field or the office

•Complete your bore profile with added roads, rivers, and other annotations

•Create professional documentation for your clients


Business Benefits

Electronic logging of the bore path is a very efficient way of creating the necessary, and often important, documentation for your clients. By using LWD, your documentation can be completed before your crew leaves the site.

•Data is captured with the locator used to guide the installation ensuring accuracy

•Maintain complete historical records to analyze job efficiency

•Utilize records to prepare more accurate bids

•Easy document creation decreases invoice preparation time

LWD streamlines your associated workflows.


Integrated iGPS module

The DigiTrak iGPS module is a fully integrated sub 1-meter GNSS receiver. The iGPS module attaches to the Falcon F5 receiver and automatically records map location with every depth reading. The GNSS data can be exported as a KML file and viewed on Google Earth allowing you to create an overlay of all your jobs. Standard Falcon F5 receivers can be upgraded for iGPS compatibility.

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