Remote Displays

The Ultimate HDD Command Center
The touchscreen Aurora remote display is the ultimate command center designed with HDD Operators in mind. Faster data speed, longer range, and packed with everything you need to safely and easily navigate the underground.


The Aurora 8.4-in display is available freestanding or panel-mounted. The robust, color touchscreen supports LWD Live, Target Steering, and other applications that increase jobsite productivity.

  • Display Details8.4-in Touchscreen
  • Telemetry Range1800 ft


The Aurora freestanding 10.4-in display is a color touchscreen with on- and off-rig docking stations. This rugged display supports LWD Live, Target Steering, and other applications that increase jobsite productivity.

  • Display Details10.4-in Touchscreen
  • Telemetry Range1800 ft

Aurora Preloaded Apps

The Aurora comes ready to work with a core suite of apps. Additional apps and system updates are available over Wi-Fi.

LWD Live

LWD Live lets you graph rod-by-rod details of the bore in real time. Capture rod number, pitch, depth, and duration of each rod drilled. Make better drilling decisions.


Target Steering

The Target Steering app lets locating specialists place the Falcon receiver ahead of the drill head and create a “steering target”. Use target steering to increase productivity in everyday drilling scenarios and in tough situations where walk-over locating is unsafe or impractical.


Strip Chart

The Aurora Strip Chart app lets you monitor temperature and fluid pressure data over time. See this data on a graph that includes the warning and critical levels specified in alarm settings on the main menu.


Frequency Change

The Frequency Change app guides the drill rig operator through the process of changing the transmitter frequency band mid-bore using different rotation sequences. Get step-by-step guidance on changing between bands using the familiar 10-2-7 method or the newer Repeating Roll Sequence (RRS3) method.


Falcon Compact Display

The FCD is a rugged, entry-level display. A good choice for pit launchers and mini drills, its range also allows for longer shots.

  • Power Source: Li-ion or NiMH battery pack
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Telemetry Range: 1000 ft (305m)
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Aurora - The Future of HDD

Learn more about our Aurora® remote displays.


Aurora Documentation

Manuals and spec sheets.

Remote Displays and Accessories

Aurora Freestanding 10.4-in Remote Display + Accessories
Aurora Freestanding 8.4-in Remote Display + Accessories
Falcon Compact Display (FCD)
Aurora DC Power Cord
Aurora Battery Power Adaptor
Aurora Long Whip Antenna
Aurora Inline Filter for use with Long Whip & Yagi Antenna
Aurora 13-in TNC Telemetry Antenna
Aurora 13-in Filtered TNC Telemetry Antenna
Aurora AF10 Carry Case
Aurora AF8 Carry Case
Aurora AP8 Retrofit Kit
AF10 Mobile Docking Station
AF10 Drill Docking Station with 2.25-in RAM® Mount
Falcon Compact Display (FCD) Long Whip Antenna
Falcon Compact Display (FCD) Inline Filter for use with Long Whip & Yagi Antenna
Falcon Compact Display (FCD) 13-in BNC Telemetry Antenna
Falcon Compact Display (FCD) 13-in Filtered BNC Telemetry Antenna
DigiTrak carry case (FCD + accessories configuration)
System Carry Case for Falcon receiver, AF8, and accessories
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