Superior User Interface

Large, color, touch display that features a bigger clock and pitch gauge than any competitors.

Filtered Antenna

DCI's filtered antenna blocks interference at the remote display to enhance receiver-to-remote telemetry on problem job sites.

R1 Bore Planning Integration

Easily transfer your R1 Rod-by-rod bore plans to the Aurora, giving drillers detailed directions for the most efficient bore path.

Compatible With F5+

Aurora AF8 supports DigiTrak F5+ receivers

Compatible with F2+

Aurora AF8 supports DigiTrak F2+ receivers

Compatible with F1

Aurora AF8 supports DigiTrak F1 receivers

Aurora Preloaded Apps

Better visibility, more capability and increased reliability. The Aurora comes ready to work with a core suite of apps. Additional apps and system updates are available over Wi-Fi.

LWD Live

LWD Live lets you graph rod-by-rod details of your bore in real-time to give you a complete view of your pilot bore. When coupled with R1 plan data with additional information about the terrain and utilities, graphing your path visually compares your planned and drilled bore.


Target Steering

The Target Steering app lets locating specialists place the Falcon receiver ahead of the drill head and create a “steering target”. Target steering is very beneficial in challenging situations where walk-over locating is unsafe or impractical. The estimated projected depth shows the depth the drill head is projected to be at when it reaches the destination below the locator at the current pitch.



The Configure App manages both your LWD Live and Bore Plan files. Receive R1 bore plan data from the mobile app, create and set up LWD Live jobs, and delete older jobs. Configure is the go-to app for job management.


Frequency Change

The Frequency Change app guides the drill rig operator through changing the transmitter frequency band below ground using different rotation sequences. Get step-by-step guidance on switching between bands using the 10-2-7 method or the Repeating Roll Sequence (RRS3) method.


Strip Chart

The Aurora Strip Chart app lets you monitor temperature and/or fluid pressure data over time. The data is continually updated on a graph that includes the warning and critical levels you specified in the alarm settings.



Aurora - The Future of HDD

Learn more about our Aurora® remote displays.


Operators Manual

Operators Manual For Aurora Display


Spec Sheet

Spec Sheets for Aurora AF8

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