TeraTrak R1

TeraTrak R1

Trak the Underground

Full Bore Planning

Rod-by-Rod bore plans help you from start to finish by maximizing drilling versus steering.


See the Underground

With bore plans available on Aurora, drillers can see their progress against the plan and adjust if needed.

Inch Perfect Plans

The R1 collects topo data continuously, not via point-to-point like GPS, so depths are more accurate.

Roll Through Rock

Drill efficiently in hard ground conditions and reduce wear on your tooling.

Avoid Utilities

Utility strikes are expensive. Lower your chances with a plan that shows utilities and their clearances.

Level Up New Hires

Hand your new hires years of experience with easy-to-understand full bore plans.


R1 App New Features

Nudge Mode, Maintain Grade, Updated first-time user experience.


TeraTrak Training Videos

Learn how to use your R1


TeraTrak R1 Spec Sheet

TeraTrak R1 Specs and Information


R1's are Available Now!

Contact your local DCI Dealer for more information.

TeraTrak R1 Pricing

      • TeraTrak™ R1
      • Quick Start Guide
      • 12V Charger
      • RAM™ Mount
      • Rugged Case
      • TeraTrak™ R1 App
      * The prices shown are the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP) in the United States. Prices may vary by country. Please contact your local DCI authorized dealer for more information
      $8,970*Total Equipment Cost
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