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HDD 101: How Full Bore Plans from the TeraTrak R1 Give New Drillers Years of Experience

11/6/2023 by Jon Meyer

No matter the job or industry, being "green" in a new role is tough. For drilling, lack of experience on a drilling crew likely means less productivity, at best. At worst, well, we know what bad drilling can look like and the costs it can bring.

What if there was a way to instantly give a new employee 10 years of experience? The TeraTrak R1 and its full bore plans can do that. With a full bore plan in their hand, green drillers and locators can now:

  1. Learn the basics of steering by following a step-by-step road map of the bore as opposed to "feeling" their way through it.
  2. See all of the utilities and clearances in front of them, not just a couple within their view, so they can easily navigate around them safely.
  3. Match what they see on the bore plan to the terrain along the path, letting them gain visual insights and experience that will improve their drilling knowledge more quickly.
  4. Build safe and efficient drilling habits by seeing the amount of bend rods can and can’t handle before the job even starts.
  5. Limit help calls from the jobsite that slow work down and cost company primaries time that could be spent elsewhere.

Do you have a new (or experienced) crew that could use a brush up on drilling fundamentals? Contact your local DCI rep to see how the TeraTrak R1 can make any job easier and give your crew an instant shot of experience.


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