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Full Bore Planning From the TeraTrak R1 is Here. What's That Mean for You?

10/5/2023 by Jon Meyer

Full bore planning is here, compliments of the TeraTrak R1, but what exactly does “full bore planning” mean?

For the past couple of years, the TeraTrak R1 and its accompanying app were able to roll over a job site and create limited bore plans (150ft or 45.7 meters, to be exact) with infrastructure mapping and waypoints. Although limited, this distance and the R1’s ease of use and ability to solve complex drilling challenges like highly variable grades and congested infrastructure still made it a helpful tool.

Now, however, the R1’s capabilities have expanded. The latest 2.0 update to the R1 app allows for unlimited distance when creating a bore plan while maintaining the simple infrastructure mapping tools, turning the R1 from a ‘nice to have’ piece of equipment, to a ‘must have’ when thinking about time, money, and safety.


With a pre-rolled, achievable bore plan, R1 owners can now:

  • Spend less time on prep and down time from bad or no plans.
  • Get tricky rock bores done right the first time, every time.
  • Save on diesel, mud, and general wear and tear on equipment.
  • Get more jobs because they can confidently complete the bores.
  • Add R1 usage as a line item in bids.

And the news gets even better. In a few months, a FREE update will be released allowing bore plans from the R1 to be transferred to a DCI remote display. This new view will give the driller in the seat a much more complete understanding of the bore path.

How? Along with all-important pitch, roll, and depth data, drillers will be able to match their progress against an R1 bore plan in real-time. The on-screen plan will also show a projected path up to three rods, allowing drillers to make simple adjustments should they be getting off course, saving them large swaths of time that previously would have been spent working the shot out with their team or pulling their rods back or out all together and starting over.


By simply investing 15 – 20 minutes beforehand to plan can potentially save many times that during the bore.

Is saving time and money something you’re interested in? Contact your local DCI territory manager and see first-hand how the R1 will make your business, better.


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