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Talking Shop with Ventura Directional Drilling - Part 1


Ventura HDD Crews train hands-on with DCI Field Service and Support team.

Our field support crew recently traveled to Ventura, CA to spend time with the team at Ventura Directional Drilling. Ventura Directional Drilling is an underground construction company that uses horizontal directional drilling (HDD) to install utilities for the electric, telecommunications, gas, sewer, water, and irrigation industries. They work throughout the state and pride themselves on giving their customers the most value for their investment with high quality, on-time completion of challenging HDD projects.

DigiTrak Field Service and Support

DCI California Territory Manager, Jesus Alderete, was on-site providing classroom and hands-on training to the entire Ventura HDD locating team. He spent the day training the crews on how to properly operate DigiTrak Falcon F5 HDD Locating systems. They covered basic HDD Locating and how to use Falcon Technology to customize their system to each job. He also educated the crews on the advantages of DigiTrak exclusive features such as iGPS and the Sub-K Rebar Transmitter. The classroom portion concluded with the introduction of the DigiGuide and LWD Mobile Apps, which crews can use to troubleshoot on the fly and to upload jobs from the Falcon F5 Locating system to their phones. Jesus then spent the remainder of the week in the field with the Ventura team making sure they were properly utilizing their training and equipped for success.

Not all HDD Locating Systems are created equal

During a break from the classroom, we caught up with Ventura President, John Fields, and chatted about all things Horizontal Directional Drilling. Having used “every locating system there is” John was eager to share his opinions on Digital Control Inc. and talk about Ventura’s decision to convert their entire locating fleet to DigiTrak Falcon F5.

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