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The F1 You’ve Been Waiting For

1/31/2022 by Anthony Burasco

Reasons to Consider the new and improved F1

The all-new DigiTrak Falcon F1 is the perfect solution for everyday jobs where advanced frequency optimization and electronic logging are not required. With an easy-to-use frequency range from 9.0KHZ to 13.5KHZ, the Falcon F1 is quick to set up, easy to navigate and now features double the depth range of previous Falcon F1 systems.

Improved performance and features - Let’s take a look at the highlights.

New Transmitters features - The new dark blue transmitter tube is now featured across the DigiTrak line. The Falcon F1 Transmitter broadcasts multiple frequencies simultaneously to ensure interruption-free operation. Unlike other HDD transmitters that only broadcast a single frequency at a time.

  • Compatible with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries - Our new transmitter adapter is designed specifically for a single 21700 Lithium Rechargeable (LiR) battery with built-in protection. This adapter incorporates a lock-out and is designed to fit the Blue tube DigiTrak transmitters.
  • Features two power modes - Standard Power mode offers double the depth range from previous generations, While Low Power mode offers Faster data rates & longer transmitter battery life
  • Made in USA - Our FT1 V2 Transmitter is proudly made in the USA.

Simplified, Easier to Use Menus - The Falcon F1 menu has been simplified and streamlined to guide operators quickly and easily through the set-up process and make commonly used features more accessible.

  • Quick Scan Pair - This standout feature gives you a two-click custom setup process without sacrificing the signal optimizing and interference fighting features of Falcon Technology. When you initiate Quick Scan Pair, your system will scan the area for signal noise in the 9.0KHZ and 13.5KHZ range and automatically select the best frequencies within that range for your project. Those frequencies, along with your chosen power mode are then easily paired to the transmitter to give you a customized solution for each project.
  • New Locate Mode - Falcon F1 locate mode allows locator/operator to switch seamlessly between Standard ball in the box locating and Look-Ahead locating

TrakStand Compatible - The Falcon F1 is compatible with TrakStand and features a preprogrammed height above ground setting for easy setup and seamless transition from TrakStand to Handheld. As well as Target Steering Capable with Falcon+ TrakStand HAG

Target Steering - Falcon F1 now features Target Steering for an easy hands-free operation for locators and precise 360-degree steering guidance on the Aurora remote display.

  • Target your Depth - Program your target depth and place the receiver at the intended target. The Remote display will automatically shift to target steering mode
  • Aurora Remote display Integrated - gives the operator easy-to-follow and intuitive guidance needed to safely advance and steer the drill head to its intended target.
  • TrakStand Compatible - Target steering can be used with or without TrakStand. Height above ground easily engages to account for TrakStand Height. No tape measure or bending over required.

These updates represent a dramatic improvement in the performance and capability of the DigiTrak Falcon F1.

What don’t they represent? An increase in price. Everything listed here is included in the new Falcon F1 with no increase in the MSRP. A symbol of DCIs commitment to providing the best quality, high performance, American Made HDD locating systems at a price any contractor can afford. With our exclusive finance partner AP Equipment financing you can add a DigiTrak Falcon F1 to your fleet for no money down and low monthly payments.

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