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Top Five Reasons To Upgrade To Falcon+

3/8/2021 by Anthony Burasco

Top Five Reasons to upgrade your Falcon System to Falcon+

The all-new DigiTrak Falcon+ HDD Locating systems are designed with you in mind, we’ve made it easier than ever to take full advantage of all the benefits of Falcon technology. Improvements that mean your HDD Locating operation will be faster, more accurate, and easier than ever before. Today we are giving you our top five reasons to upgrade your Falcon system to Falcon+

  • Quick Scan Pair – The new quick scan pair feature makes it easier than ever to customize your transmitter to each new job site your HDD crew visits. Perfect for projects with minimum active interference, Quick Scan Pair allows you to program the most used bands in your region, quickly and easily. This time-saving feature, exclusive to Falcon+ HDD locating systems, was designed to simplify the setup and training process for new and experienced operators alike.
  • New Multi-Power Transmitters- Dial in your ideal balance of power and battery life & optimize your DigiTrak Falcon+ HDD Locating system for your specific job. Choose high power mode for the deepest bores, low power mode for extended battery life & faster roll/pitch updates, or standard mode for everyday jobs.
  • Upgraded Controls on F2+ Models- The click and hold button operation has been replaced with an easy-to-use top toggle, like the controls found on the Falcon F5 and F5+.
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Compatible- Our new Multi-Power Transmitters are compatible with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (adapter included) save money and reduce downtime by always being sure you have the best battery for your transmitter.
  • No-Charge Loaner Program – Our no-charge loaner program ensures you get the latest in HDD Locating technology while waiting for your upgrade. All Falcon to Falcon+ upgrades include a no-charge loaner sent directly to your local DCI dealer that is free to use while your locator is being upgraded.

Contact your local DCI Dealer today to schedule your Falcon system upgrade to the latest technology in HDD Locating systems, the all-new DigiTrak Falcon F5+. As an additional bonus, every system that comes through our Kent, WA repair shop receives the full spectrum of DCI quality control and functional tests to make sure you’re ready for the upcoming 2021 drilling season.


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