Customer Testimonial

From Mark IV to Falcon F5

2/4/2021 by Anthony Burasco

The DCI Field Support team recently traveled to Southern California to meet with DigiTrak customers and document their progress in the field. We caught up with Sal, a Falcon F5 HDD locating operator with EFI, near Laguna Beach.

Sal and his team were working on a shot in a busy intersection with some challenges most HDD operators are familiar with; a tight curve, traffic coming from every direction, active interference from traffic signal controllers, and passive interference from steel-reinforced concrete sidewalks.

Thanks to their experience, careful planning, and having the right tools for the job. Sal and his team were able to quickly complete the shot safely and successfully for their customer. Check out the video to hear Sal talk about the project, his career as an HDD Locating system operator, and his feelings on the DigiTrak Falcon F5.


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