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Maiorum Deus Relies on DCI’s Expert Field Support to Tackle Crossing the Bareilly Railway

Maiorum Deus, an HDD contractor, owned and operated by Mr. Rajeev Chauhan, has completed work throughout Uttar Pradesh. With a large majority of their projects involving laying optical fiber for telecom industries as well as some power cabling work within the region.

Mr. Chauhan’s team is known for its precision on complex jobs, but this particular shot presented a tough challenge. Working in the bustling city of Bareilly, Maiorum Deus was given the task of laying power cabling for Bareilly Railway. The set-up had their rig placed near a power station with two transformers running alongside the entry pit. The team understood from the onset that active interference would be one of their largest obstacles when it came to completing this project.

Further surveying showed the site complexity only deepened as metal tracks, steel structures surrounding the railway junction, and electrical poles added to the already heavy interference they were facing. Wrestling with how to cross nine parallel railway tracks while combating above and below ground interference, the team quickly recognized the need for support.

After a few missteps using a down market system, the contractor chose to put their newly purchased Falcon F2 locating system to the test. To ensure the crew didn’t face any additional downtime, DCI Field Service Representative, Mr. Mrityunjay Sahu, met them on-site to provide hands-on instruction for the DigiTrak F2 system and V2 transmitter.

Feeling confident with their innovative Falcon F2 system and expert field support, the crew began walking the bore path. Here, they found their gain fluctuating between a staggering 500-650 points. Mr. Sahu, undeterred by the high gains, showed the team how the F2 system’s state-of-the-art frequency optimization process would prevail. After the demonstration, the crew was able to successfully scan and pick the two frequency bands where interference was at its lowest.

Thanks to the Falcon F2 paired with the V2 transmitter, the crew bested the 25kV power cables running above the drilling path, to cross the railway tracks and complete their shot without any further delays. Mr. Rajeev Chauhan relayed how impressed he was with the locating system and thanked DCI for the support provided, as it saved his crew both precious time and money.

The Falcon F2 locating system gives teams working in ever-changing job sites the ultimate advantage. With its significant range capabilities, operators can feel confident they’ll be able to sidestep even the heaviest interference to make the best drilling decisions. If you’re ready to stop signal dropping, get clearer readings, and minimize active interference, then you’re ready for Falcon.

"We are thankful for the support provided by DCI in training our crew and making them understand the awesome capabilities of DigiTrak Falcon F2. The job required precision drilling at a sewer grade and accuracy of the Falcon F2 played a critical role in accomplishing the job with required precision. We are extremely happy and delighted with the service and support from DCI in general and Mr. Mrityunjay Sahu in particular. As always DigiTrak products performed well in most difficult conditions."Rajeev Chauhan, Maiorum Deus Services Pvt Ltd

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