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Multi-Power Transmitter FAQs


DigiTrak Multi-Power Transmitter Compatibility FAQs

Our dedicated field support team is available 24/7-365 to support your HDD Locating projects. You can call, text, DM, or email us with any questions you may have, and we will work quickly to get the answers you need. Today we are featuring some of the most frequently asked questions about our all-new Multi-Power V2 Transmitters.

Will the new DigiTrak Multi-Power V2 Transmitters work with my standard Falcon F5, Falcon F2, or Falcon F1 HDD locating system?

YES! The Multi-Power V2 Transmitters are compatible with standard Falcon F5, Falcon F2 & Falcon F1 systems.

To take advantage of Multi-Power modes on standard Falcon systems use the orientation pairing method explained in the video at the bottom of this page. The procedure is the same for Blue Tube and Green Tube Multi-Power transmitters.

*FT2L+ 19” Transmitter is compatible with PLUS Model Systems only, the FTR5 Sub-k models for F5 are not V2.

What are the benefits of Multi-Power Mode?

Multi-Power mode allows you to customize your transmitter for specific job requirements. Choose the Best Power Mode for the Job:

• High power mode for a strong signal with greater depth and data range

• Standard power mode for the best balance of battery life and depth

• Low power mode for extended battery life and faster data with PLUS model locators

What are the differences between blue and green DigiTrak Multi-Power transmitters?

The only difference between blue and green Multi-Power Transmitters is that blue transmitters are designed to accept a battery adapter to run Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries in addition to Supercell and alkaline batteries that work with both blue and green transmitters. Blue and green transmitters otherwise function the same as each other.

DCI has also added two new transmitters to our lineup. There is now a 24” Falcon F5 transmitter that will work with any Falcon F5. We’ve also added a 19” F2 transmitter model. To avoid confusion, this transmitter's model number is FT2L+, with the + signaling it is only compatible with Falcon+ locators.

What batteries should I use with Blue Tube Multi-Power Transmitters?

Choose the Best Battery for the Job. Only use Supercell and LiR batteries for High power mode and 19 and 24-inch Standard power. You can use alkaline batteries for 15-inch transmitters in Low or Standard power mode, but the DCI Supercell is best for extreme conditions and longer battery life. If you’re using a rechargeable battery, always install a fully charged battery.

Are DigiTrak Multi-Power transmitters compatible with rechargeable batteries?

Blue Tube Multi-Power Transmitters are specifically designed to be compatible with rechargeable LiR batteries.

New Blue Tube Multi-Power transmitters include a rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Adapter. The Falcon Transmitter Adapter (FTA) requires a single 21700 Lithium Rechargeable (LiR) battery with built-in protection and is specifically designed for Falcon Tx's with blue tubes.

Recommended Rechargeable LiR Battery Manufacturer Part Numbers:

Klarus 21GT-50 | Fenix ARB-L21-5000 | Acebeam IMR217000NP-510A

Only use batteries of diameter 21-22 mm and length 75.5 mm ± 1 mm. Other batteries may not survive the rigors of Horizontal Directional Drilling. Every blue DigiTrak Falcon Multi-Power V2 Transmitter ships with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery adapter and an insert that lists recommended manufacturers and model numbers of batteries.

For More information on DigiTrak Falcon Multi-Power Transmitters visit our support site here


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