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Introducing AP Equipment Financing


We are proud to announce that AP Equipment Financing is the official financing partner for Digital Control Inc. & DigiTrak HDD Locating Systems.

What are some of the benefits of financing DCI equipment with AP Financing?

  • Fixed Payments - customers will keep peace of mind with a fixed monthly payment that matches their cash flow.
  • Conserve Working Capital - customers will save their cash and lines of credit for an emergency.
  • Build Business Credit - customers will establish and maintain business credit by financing with AP.
  • Save Personal Credit - customers maintain their personal credit by financing equipment with their business’ credit.
  • Seasonal Payment Plans Available - whether customers’ business has a special peak season or they are busy year-round, there are a variety of payment plans available.

Why should you finance your DigiTrak equipment with AP?

  • Electronic Documents for Fast Turn Around
  • Quick & Secure Online Application Process
  • $100,000 Application Only Financing
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • 60 Month Terms

Save Money on Taxes by financing your DigiTrak Equipment with AP Equipment Financing.

Now is a great time to buy revenue-producing equipment from DCI and potentially save money on your tax bill. Deduct up to $1,040,000 with new or used equipment purchases made throughout the calendar year.

If you want to conserve your cash and still take advantage of the tax benefit, financing programs are available through AP Equipment Financing, with minimal out of pocket expenses and a simple application process.

What is Section 179 and Section 168?

Section 179 is part of the US Tax Code designed to help stimulate the economy. It encourages business owners to purchase equipment by allowing companies to depreciate up to 100% of the purchase in a single year. In 2019 the spending limit allowed under the code went up to $1,040,000. Section 168 Bonus Depreciation may also be available to you.

The Tax Savings Can Be Big

As an example, if your company had $150,000 of taxable income and you purchased $150,000 of revenue-producing equipment before the end of the year from DCI, you could depreciate the purchase and fully offset your tax bill. If your tax rate is 21%, this would reduce your tax liability by $31,500 for the year! If you didn’t want to use all 100% of the equipment purchase, you can carry a portion over and use it in futures years.

What About Section 179 and Section 168 For Next Year?

Section 179 is here to stay because Congress made it permanent in 2015 and increased the limit from $500,000 to $1,040,000 in 2019. This allows you to take advantage of the benefit each year and keep more money in your pocket to help your business grow. Section 168 Bonus Depreciation is also here to stay.

This information is not intended as tax advice. Neither AP Financing nor DCI can provide tax advice. Please contact your professional advisor regarding how this program may work with your specific tax situation.


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