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High Stakes, High Power Demo in Hollywood.

11/24/2021 by Anthony Burasco

Pressure is standard on most HDD Projects – Pressure to finish on time & pressure to hit the target.

Golden State Boring contacted the DCI Field Service and Support team recently with a challenging opportunity. They were drilling through a busy intersection in North Hollywood, CA. Signal Interference caused by overhead powerlines, light rail tracks embedded in the road, traffic signal loops, and steel-reinforced concrete were causing inconsistent readings and slowing down the entire project. With the Prime Contractor, City Inspectors, and Engineers onsite, the pressure to be perfect was on and the clock was ticking.

Our Field Service and Support team mobilized to their jobsite with a plan. The all-new Falcon F5+ and 19" Multi-Power Transmitter were chosen to give the team the most options when setting up for this project’s unique challenges. Given the variety of sources of signal interference in the area, the DCI team knew the patented Falcon Frequency Optimization process would be a critical component of this project's success. Our Field Support team took the time to educate the customer on how to handle projects of this nature and guided them through the process of Falcon Frequency Optimization and range testing.

Rock-solid, reliable data to help you navigate the underground.

Right away the difference with High Power Mode & The Multi-Power Transmitter was noticeable; steady locates, stable clock and pitch, no more issues with jumpy readings.

Trouble-free operation throughout the first half of the bore gave the operators confidence in their information and presenting that information to the inspectors and Prime Contractor. As they made their way across the busy, interference-laden intersection, the Falcon F5+ and Multi-Power Transmitter continued to give the crew steady, reliable readings that they and their customer could trust.

The bonus? They were going to complete this shot in half the time.

As the drill-head finessed through the deepest, most congested portion of the bore with ease the team breathed a collective sigh of relief as confidence grew and it became clear they were going to make it in less than half the time of previous attempts. This was a huge boost in productivity that the crew and their customers did not anticipate.

The all-new DigiTrak Falcon F5+ with Multi-Power Transmitter. The most versatile and advanced HDD Locating system in the world.

The crew was eager to pull back the first shot with the Falcon F5+ and get started on the next, confident that they are using the best tools for their project.

Our Field Service and Support team departed the jobsite after a one-day visit but left the crew with a demo Falcon F5+ and 19" Multi-Power Transmitter so they did not experience any further interruption on their project. The crew was pleased with their generosity and their mission as a pure support team for folks in the field. They commented:

"It’s always nice to work with someone who isn’t trying to sell you something."Steven, GSB

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