Falcon F5+

Deeper Depth

Increased depth and data range – 180/220 ft (55/67m) combined with more frequencies to get more jobs done.


Three easily selectable power modes for deeper bores, longer battery life, and faster data rates.

Falcon Technology

Packed with over 1000 frequencies for the lowest, highest, and widest range of bands.

Rebar Transmitters

Drill under reinforced concrete confidently with our industry-exclusive Sub-k® Rebar transmitter.

Fluid Pressure

Reduce the risk of inadvertent returns with our patented real-time downhole fluid pressure monitoring.

Rechargeable LIR Adapter

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries compatible with new adapter

Snooze Mode

With DCI's limited-edition Falcon transmitter (Tx) with SnooZe/ZMode the Tx signal can be turned off down-hole and turned back on as needed. This can extend battery life up to 30+ days for wireline projects that require walkover capability on demand.


Confidence Is Contagious

See how DigiTrak is leading contractors to success.


Transmitter Videos

Videos showcasing transmitter features and functions


Spec Sheet

DigiTrak F5+ Transmitter Specs and Information

Generous Trade-In Discounts Available

Contact your local DCI Dealer for more information.
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