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3 Reasons Why Buying American Made is Better

9/7/2022 by Jon Meyer

When a product is made in America, there are many advantages. Of course, you have the inherent national pride that comes from buying an item with that famous phrase associated with it, but you might be surprised at the immediate and long-term benefits that come from buying domestically. Let’s explore.


There’s a mantra in sports: The best ability, is availability, meaning, if a player is constantly hurt and unable to play, their actual skillset is of no value to the team. It’s the same with retail products. If you’re buying something, you have a need, and that need likely needs to be met ASAP. When you buy American made, the average shipping time is 3-5 days as opposed to international shipping which takes longer and is reliant on extensive bureaucracy and supply chain dependencies that have become problematic due to the pandemic. Take those possible issues out of the purchasing equation, and you’ll not only gain peace of mind but will also receive your order in a reasonable time frame.

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With many large American companies exporting some or all of their production to foreign countries (Apple, Nike, Wal-Mart to name a few), the math is simple: those manufacturing jobs are gone along with the trickle-down benefits they provide to local communities. Recent studies have shown that when manufacturing is kept local, it not only keeps the in-house jobs intact but also energizes the area's economy and breeds innovation in the industry that in turn, creates the need for more jobs. Win-win-win.


There are many ways an individual can do their part to help offset climate change, and buying products that are made in the USA is one of them. By purchasing products that are manufactured and sold in the US, the carbon emissions associated with that purchase are much less than that of one where international shipping is involved. Currently, air freight is still the highest carbon emission producing avenue for shipping goods with maritime freight being the most environmentally friendly, but rail and road freight aren’t far behind, so if you can afford to wait of your item 3-5 business days via ground shipping, the Earth will thank you.

All this sounds great, right? Even better, there are probably American companies making products in the US that you currently use or may not even know existed, so the next time you have a need pop up, just remember: buying something that’s made in America will not only help you but also the local economy where it’s made and of course, the future of our planet.


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