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2/1/2021 by Anthony Burasco

The newest member of our Customer Service team shares his secret to success for brand new DigiTrak HDD Locating System operators.

Whether you are new to the HDD industry or just new to operating HDD locating systems, the anxiety of your first bore can feel overwhelming. The good news is there are a couple of simple things you can do to help ease stress before locating your first rod. One of the secrets of the most successful new HDD Locating system operators is taking the time to study & familiarize yourself with all the available DigiTrak training resources.

Digital Control Inc. has multiple resources to help you get the job done, on target, and on time. Check out the Resource Hub on our website which has quick start guides and technical specs. The DigiGuide App provides step by step walkthroughs for anything DCI related, available in the App Store and Google Play store. Our YouTube channel is packed with in-depth training videos for current and classic versions of DigiTrak HDD Locating equipment.

Where DCI really shines is our 24/7-365 customer service hotline: 1-800-288-3610

-We are available via text during regular business hours and by phone 24/7-365

-Our tech support is second to none. DCI is the industry leader, dedicated to helping you to get the job done safely and efficiently. Whether you are a long-time locator or someone out on their first shot, DCI tech support can guide you every step of the way.

-Our tech support staff is made up of experienced locators who know how to listen and help you succeed. With intimate knowledge of our equipment and its use, our staff is ready to help troubleshoot any problem that might arise, big or small, day or night.

- If that rare occasion should occur where your equipment requires repair, one quick phone call, and our tech support staff can get you set up with a no-charge loaner and arrange for your equipment to be shipped back to DCI for a full-scale analysis and any repairs needed.

-Our tech support motto is “Genuinely Nice Guys” and we live by it! You are always guaranteed to be greeted by a friendly voice backed by the knowledge and answers you need. Our team will take you step by step through any HDD Locating process, no matter how complex.

Knowing and studying your resources is an important first step when it comes to locating on any Horizontal Directional Drilling jobsite. Don’t forget to download the DigiGuide app & watch a few training videos before your first day. Then when you’re on the jobsite don’t hesitate to call DCI’s 24/7-365 tech support hotline. Our customer support team is a great resource and always available for whatever challenges the day, or night, may bring.

Add Ryan on Facebook here (ask him for stickers, he's got em!)

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