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Setting the Record Straight, All DCI Products Meet the BSNL Requirements!

7/2/2024 by Ehteshamul Haque

It has come to our attention that one of our competitors in India is misrepresenting the facts about the BSNL project in India. The OEM claims that only their systems comply with the project's requirements; this is simply not true. All DCI systems, including our first systems, comply with the requirements.

We are the world leaders in HDD guidance systems for a reason: you can trust the performance of our systems and for us to act with integrity.


Here's a link to the actual tender for you to verify the actual text:

BSNL tender

Tender Reference: Tender No. MM/BNO&M/BN-III/T-791/2024 issued on 15.02.2024. Key details from the tender document affirm the compatibility of existing locators:

Clause on page 92 states: “The depth reading in the Staff from top of the duct should be clearly recorded. In case of HDD (if the PIA is not using the machine recorded depth and produce the depth data), the depth of Entry & Exit pits should be Video recorded from top of the duct.”

This clause supports the use of both new and legacy HDD locators for depth measurement. You have the option of datalogging on the locator or capturing the depth on video.


Clause 18 on page 237 specifies: “Submission of ‘As Built Drawings (ABDs)’ in GIS format (Shape Format) of OFC connectivity from BSNL Exchange (Block OLT location) to respective ONTs in Gram Panchayats (GP), Routes data in hard copy (A3 for grids) as well as soft copy. Each sheet shall record maximum 200 to 250 M of the route length.”

This clause pertains solely to the format for submitting project documentation in GIS format. It does not impact the technical specifications of HDD locators.

Please disregard any claims that contradict these specifications. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the DCI India Office. We aim to provide accurate information and support to all our stakeholders.

Thank you for your attention.


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