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New Job Site? Do These 3 Things For a Faster & Safer Bore

12/11/2023 by Jon Meyer

With the release of the TeraTrak R1’s latest update that produces a highly detailed, full bore plan, the way to approach a job site has changed. Infrastructure markings, elevation changes, entry and exit placements – these details that are often left to chance can now easily be included in a full bore plan that is efficient and achievable – helping drillers work faster and safer.

So, with this new technology now available for those rolling TeraTrak R1s, we’ve put together a new best practice checklist to go through for any new job site.


Yes, this new feature jumps right into the #1 spot! Whether prepping for a hilly or a flat bore, the R1’s ability to produce an easy-to-follow, rod-by-rod bore plan is a must for any driller looking for a little extra peace of mind while “sending it” near utilities or tough topography. Throw a seasoned locator out front on the box and you have a tandem that will be in sync throughout the whole bore.


Falcon technology soars above the competition for a reason: you have access to over 1,000 frequencies at the push of a button – a feature not available anymore on other locators. Those frequencies are also grouped into bands, giving you even more concentrated power for your pre-bore efforts, allowing you the best chance possible to finish the job with no slow-downs.


After scanning, calibrating your transmitter is key in making sure your depths are accurate. This simple step ensures that you’ll be able to accurately reach your depths and drill safely.


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