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DCI Employee Spotlight: Vivi Song - Master Builder

9/27/2023 by Jon Meyer

How long have you been with DCI and how did you get your start?

I was born and raised in France and came to live in the USA in 2000 with an Administration/Management degree as a background. In 2001, I ended up working in the manufacturing & production department for Protech. Inc who specialized in Medical devices. I was laid off 9 years later when Philips took over. In 2010, John Milonas and Derek Linaman in DCI manufacturing gave me an opportunity and I’ve been in Production department for about 13 years now.

What’s your workday look like? What are you usually working on?

The workday could look like “Performing repetitive tasks” in the assembly line, but it isn’t. It's actually pretty interesting and exciting. We assemble all kinds of items that go into our locators, transmitters, and displays such as programming electronics boards, assembling displays, electronics boxes, laser/etching doors...even gluing glass windows using the Robotex machine. I usually work on pretty much everything in the sub-assembly line including configuration for the international offices, assembling the Trak-Stands, and other varieties of tasks.

What’s something about a product or tool you help build or manage that might be interesting to a DCI customer?

I assisted the manufacturing engineering team with the process of making the gluing fixture for the Robotex machine. So now, instead of gluing the glass window into the bracket by hand (one by one) with a glue gun, we have the gluing fixture that we place into the automated Robotex machine, and it does the gluing for us, which helps tremendously.

What’s your special power at work? What do you do better than anyone else?

I don’t think I have a “special power”, nor do I think I do something better than anyone else. But I do believe the level of “dedication and passion” that you put into something, in my case building and assembling a product, can set you apart from other individuals.


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