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Classes & Customer Service: How DCI is Helping Spanish Speakers Succeed in HDD

8/29/2023 by Jon Meyer

1 in 5 workers in the US is projected to be Hispanic by 2030, and if current statistics hold true, 1 in 3 of those Hispanic employees will be working in construction. Couple that with the US having the second largest population of Spanish speakers in the world and you have millions of construction workers who's native language is not English.

DCI is not only prepared for this future but has been offering person-to-person customer service and product trainings in Spanish for years. Jesus Alderete, a Spanish-speaking DCI Territory Manager who covers California and the greater Southwest, explains:

“A lot of the intricacies of our locating systems can be lost in translation and being able to speak in our customers native tongue means they are more comfortable asking questions. In turn, we can then better assist the Spanish speaking population in overcoming some of the challenges they face daily.”

Jesus Alderete, far left, after a Spanish training in Denver, Colorado.

Although some DCI tools, like our DigiTrak Falcon locators offer Spanish as an operating language on-screen, like Jesus says, understanding locating basics can be difficult for anyone, language barrier or not. That’s why DCI also includes Spanish as a language option for DCI’s support app, DigiGuide, as well as partnering with DCI dealers whenever possible to have Spanish-exclusive trainings. Chad Banford, Vermeer Mountain West’s HDD Training Specialist, understands the impact of these events in his region.

“I definitely think DCI Spanish training classes are important, especially here in the southwest, as most of our customers are Spanish speaking.”

Keeping an ear out for international customers' needs is a focus of DCI as well. DCI Customer Service Representative Nathaly Talavera and Southeast Territory Manager Dan Finnegan often pull double duty, utilizing their Spanish language skills not just domestically but in South America as well. Their trips to customers in the Southern Hemisphere have provided DCI customers and partners with training and tips not available from other international HDD players on the continent.

Talavera says, “To be able to troubleshoot for them in their language is a life-changing experience. Before they needed to find somebody to be a mediator between the customer service rep and them that talked both languages and could translate what they were experiencing, and sometimes a lot of info was missing in-between.”

DCI Customer Service Representative Nathaly Talavera leading a training at VE Vermeer Group’s headquarters in Medellin, Colombia.

But even when you’re speaking English, Spanish, or any other language for that matter, challenges can be found when certain tools have different names. Talavera continues:

“There are so many variations for HDD tools in Spanish that you need to dig a little. ‘Transmitter’ translated into Spanish is 'transmisor', but when you speak with the customer, they will call it 'sonido, sonar, sonda, biquen, reloj', and I'm pretty sure there are other names too!”

DCI Territory Manager Dan Finnegan working with a Spanish speaking crew in Atlanta, Georgia.

What is never in question after a Spanish training or customer call however, is the positive impact it has for the team or individual; “Aha” moments of understanding and knowledge that they can then take with them from job site to job site and through their career.

Are you an HDD operator who would like HDD training for your team? Contact your local HDD dealer or your DCI Territory Manager to see what's available in your region.


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