TeraTrak R1

TeraTrak R1

The Wheel, Reinvented

Does the Math for you

Eliminate the guesswork and allow your team to be more productive

Place your Rig

The setback calculation feature makes sure your crew is always properly set up for success

Solve problems on-the-fly

Create point-to-point plans to help you stay on track and solve problems on-the-fly

High Accuracy

Precise elevations and distances that are accurate within inches for measurements you can trust

Real-Time Terrain Mapping

Quickly create continuous topography marked with utilities and waypoints

Collaborate with your Team

Designed to integrate with the DCI Product Suite for a seamless user experience


Award Winning

The award winning R1 is making waves!


TeraTrak Videos

Learn how to use your R1


TeraTrak R1 Spec Sheet

TeraTrak R1 Specs and Information

R1's are Available Now!

Contact your local DCI Dealer for more information.

TeraTrak R1 Pricing

      • TeraTrak™ R1
      • Quick Start Guide
      • 12V Charger
      • RAM™ Mount
      • Rugged Case
      • TeraTrak™ R1 App
      * 3 month limited time promotional pricing may be active in select markets
      $8,500*Total Equipment Cost
      Starting October 15, 2021, DCI will be implementing a 3.5% surcharge on products shipped within North America. There will be slight variations in the amount based on system configuration. Some products, e.g., F5, F2 and SE transmitters are excluded from the surcharge as are equipment repairs.
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