Virtual Reality Training for DigiTrak Locating System

Welcome to the VR world of HDD locator training. Whether a seasoned veteran or just getting started, training in a virtual environment has benefits not available with traditional classroom training or even on a live job site. Move beyond lectures, PowerPoints, and manuals. With DCI’s Aurora Vision, learn by doing and visualize the underground.

  • Simplify Complex Problems
  • Improve Retention

Self-Paced Immersive Learning

Enhance training with DCI's Aurora Vision. Attract new team members and better prepare crews by giving them the ability to learn at their own pace, and practice locating in realistic job site scenarios. Virtual Reality is now widely accepted as a viable tool for low-cost, hands-on employee training in a risk-free environment.

  • Realistic Scenarios
  • Risk Free
  • Cost Effective

Interactive Assessment with Report Card and Certificate

Aurora Vision allows you to track training progress and skills learned. Use badges, certificates, and report cards to assess skill levels, identify gaps in training, and generate a plan for mastering HDD locating. A revolutionary shift in training, Aurora Vision is engaging, fun and effective.

  • Assess Skills
  • Track Progress
  • Master HDD Locating

Additional Resources

Quick Start Guide

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