California Boring


For over 15 years, California Boring (“Cal Boring”) has provided a variety of underground services to its clients throughout California and the Southwest. Over the years Cal Boring has developed a reputation among clients for getting difficult underground projects done in a safe and efficient manner. As a result, they have earned the trust of their clients and the respect of their competitors as they continue to provide leadership in the underground construction community.

Cal Boring has invested in its underground business by using best-in-class equipment, hiring high quality employees and standing behind the work they do. “If you don’t invest in your employees and the equipment they’re using, you can ruin a customer relationship overnight”, said Mike Reardon, Manager of Cal Boring. As a result, Cal Boring does everything possible in the planning and preparation of each bore to insure the best possible outcomes.

Accuracy of the pilot bore is essential to maintaining project integrity. The company’s HDD crews have in-depth experience in both walk over locating and the use of steering tools for more challenging projects that are either unsafe or impractical to complete with a walk over guidance system. Reardon added, “It’s important to limit return days. Having the right equipment is essential to our success in this business”.

For many years, Cal Boring used the Subsite 750 as their walk over locating system of choice. This locating solution served them well during their growth and until recently, all Cal Boring work crews used a Subsite locator. During the past year, Reardon made the decision to evaluate the DigiTrak® F5® from Digital Control. Working closely with DCI, Cal Boring began an evaluation of the F5 to determine if it could keep pace with the frequently encountered demands of their clients. The conclusion was that it could.

Making The Switch

One of the most important considerations in selecting the DigiTrak was performance and accuracy. Managing the locating needs of nine crews meant having the capability to locate the head efficiently and in different levels of active interference. The F5 supports 5 frequencies and has an Extended Range (XRange™) capability for areas with particularly high active interference. Something as simple as battery life can make a real difference in daily productivity. “Before using the F5 system, we were going through six D-cell batteries per day” says 13-year Cal Boring veteran Ross Rosenberg. In every instance, the F5 proved itself as a superior choice.

Another important consideration was the usability of the F5 out-of-the-box. As is the case with most new products, there is some resistance to switch from a familiar product. “From the very first bore using the DigiTrak F5, I was able to concentrate on drilling and not correcting” said Rosenberg. One of the main attributes of the F5 is the short learning curve. The bright color screen uses a thumb driven “hat switch” to easily navigate through the menu options. Easy to understand icons make feature selection quick and intuitive.

Proving The F5

During the evaluation period, DCI provided local hands on support as Cal Boring work crews came up to speed with the DigiTrak F5. This level of support and training convinced Reardon that his teams could make the transition to the DigiTrak line of products with little disruption to the rhythm of current projects. Isaac Castro, DCI’s Customer Service Manager in California mentioned, “The Cal Boring teams were able to come up to speed quickly using the F5 and easily make the transition from the Subsite 750.”